CÚMUL is an experimental laboratory with artists, designers and engineers from Barcelona that offers new architectural scenes. The physical limits disappear and the urban landscape becomes the canvas we work on and thus, fantastic scenes that make us doubt the established logic are generated.

The only places where you can break a limit is in your mind, heart, and soul and if you can manage to cross this borders, you'll see how relative and unlimited is everything. The unlimited amount of options, the unlimited amount of realities, copies, and repetitions that create our lives.

From the same places is where art comes and art has many faces. This one is not only sculpture, not a mural painting, not installation, it's all of them together and it's part of our life experience. This is how the Barcelona-based collective Cúmul works, through experiences, sensations, and vibrations. They can take any detail with any size, duplicate it and create another world out of it and it does not matter what it is, it will make your mind, heart, and soul touch the limit.